Starting Over Ranch

A Sanctuary for Healing,
and a home for the homeless

A place you can come to when you have nowhere else to go..Here we offer HOPE

About Me - Founder / President of S.O.A.R

Melissa Yost is a Mother of two beautiful daughters and several rescued pets. Born as an Army brat and raised in Australia she moved with her family to America. She started rescuing and healing animals when she was a little girl. Started as a School project and is now her destiny she dedicates every day of her life to helping and saving the lives of others. Not limited to horses and Dogs , Melissa also has started a Teen outreach Program that envolves using therapeutic methods of healing between animals and children. She truly believes that animals do have a healing power.

Melissa has educated herself to continuesly try to perfect the ways of rescue and rehabilitation. Constantly challenging herself to strive harder and dream bigger. She has done everything from Vet assistance to being accepted into Vet school, Rider and performer for major equine dinner shows, Working with Birds & Animals Unlimited, Training and Managing several horse farms and ranches in Florida and Montana. Studying and attending several seminars and conventions to help educate herself in the care and rehabilitation of animals.

At the end of every goal she always finds herself back where she belongs,rescuing displaced and unwanted animals.

 "If I can stop one heart from breaking,  I shall not live in vain.
 If I can ease one life the aching,  Or cool one pain,
 Or help one fainting robin, Unto his nest again,  I shall not live in vain." 

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